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Save forms on local

Hi guys,

i create a page for a client for a show but i didn’t have wifi.
How can i save all the forms submit on a local file ?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Do you mean saving the form submissions that came through your site?

If so, just go into the site settings, forms, and at the bottom you’ll see all the form submissions and a button to Download CSV, which will download them all.

thanks but it’s not this.

i need to save the forms submitting on a csv file (in the tablette ) or something like this because i can’t use the internet on the show.

I don’t understand. You mean you need a form entry on a tablet with no internet? You can’t do that. You’ll have to use a 3rd party app for that.

sorry for my english.

I create a page with WF with a forms.
the customers use the forms.
the forms save data on a local file.
everything on a tablette without internet.

This is not possible. You’ll have to find a dedicated tablet app that can do offline form data collection.

I’ve worked on somthing similar before. You need Firefox offline web capture plug in auto screenshots when hitting a submit button. It need sto be in 100% full screen mode. it has to be a windows 10 laptop. I never got it to work with iPad or Mac.

if Using iPad you should contact various Kiosk Vendors and ask if they support your needs of local stored form capture

i use a android tablette.
I check this thanks @miekwave

Also should contact support/forums thay might help you with offline form capture. I used them before and they were helpful