Saturation Filter Bug on Mobile

I’m working on a site with bright orange buttons, icons, and other accents throughout, achieved by adding a 139% saturation filter to every orange element. The colors look fine in Designer and on the desktop site but they’re desaturated on the published mobile version, except for one element.

The gem icon (pictured in the screenshot) has the correct saturation. It appears in the corner of the newsletter signup on the About page. What’s really odd though, is when I upload the screenshot here, the image processing balances the saturation of the two elements. So that screenshot is only for reference of the element I’m talking about.

I’ve tried all sorts of variations and solutions I can think of, but the rest of the elements don’t show the saturation filter correctly. I’ve tried fluctuating their saturation percentages, which does effect the elements, so I do know the filter is being applied. It just doesn’t match what I see in the Designer for some reason.

Can anyone offer any insight?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Michelle Paz Real Estate

Published test site: About (see the issue on this page)