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Samsung Device Crashes

Hi there,

I run a site that has about 20K-30K users visiting the site within the month of July, currently averaging 3K-7K site views a day. For the most part, it’s working smoothly.

However, I’ve gotten feedback that Samsung devices are having some troubles. They say that across browsers, it continually crashes and won’t load the site. However, I haven’t had any other trouble from other users. Do you know what might be causing this and how I can fix it ASAP?

My site is:


Hi @abgeter hope you’re well.

Try to use:

This will help you measure the performance of your website and the reasons behind every results.

Also, some phones have preinstalled browsers from the manufacturer that don’t keep up with today’s tech, so don’t stress about it.

Hope this helps,

This is SUPER helpful, thank you so much!

On the Samsung side of things, I get that, but I also would love for it to work if possible. I’m trying to keep as many people happy as possible, haha. Is there any way that I can tweak it or work to make it accessible for all devices, specifically the Samsung ones that aren’t working?

You’re going to need to pinpoint the issue for the devices before figuring out the solution. Is it just phones, or does it include Samsung tablets as well? As @Carlos_Ruiz_Del_Vizo mentioned, this could be due to preinstalled browsers that don’t support modern web standards. is a good resource, and you can even check features based on selected browsers (here is a list of all available Samsung browser versions to get you started - the very bottom of the page highlights unsupported technologies) so you may be able to narrow down what’s causing the issue.

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