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Sample pages of webflow tutorial pages?

I am looking to create a page that looks like one of the webflow tutorial page here:

and also the page you come to when you click the “start course” button – meaning the page that shows the youtube video and has a nice menu listing attached (docked) to the right side of the video.

It would help so much if they put up previews of a few of their own pages in the templates section so I could play around with them within webflow and see how they tick.

The tutorial itself (on creating a landing page with flex grids) is great but i want to know how to get a floating (sticky?) menu on the right side to work (and be responsive like on tutorial page itself). And also (on 2nd page) get that list box (menu) which docks on the right side of the youtube video.

Sorry I am a total noob with webflow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hello Joe,

Here, have a look at this tutorial to learn how to make a sticky section.

The player and its menu are set up with the flexbox. Just two elements sitting side-by-side basically. You can learn about flexbox here.