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Sample Code for Webflow API

Hi there! I’m a front-end engineer who knows a bit about backend, but I am really struggling to get the CMS API set up.

If I could just see it set up successfully, I could implement it on my own, but I am having trouble finding any GitHub repos. Could someone share a sample?

That would help a lot!

Hi @livvyjeffs

Not something I can advise on personally, but just initially checking as a starting point that you’ve seen the resources available on the Webflow side:

Hi @StuM, yes I’ve checked both guides out. I’m pretty competent with front-end code once the structure has been set up, but I just don’t have a structure to work from. I’m struggling to find basic structures for the API – like, is it a javascript file that I type all the commands into? A basic starter package would be really nice…

Hi @livvyjeffs

There was also this livestream where CTO Bryant introduced the API: