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Same image, multiple sizes? Advice on best approach?

I am doing an ecommerce site that has approximately 150 products. Each product shot will be used multiple times in multiple places. For example, a larger version when they click on the zoom image, a small version for each category page, a medium sized image for each product page, and yet another size for the “related products” section of each product page. In the end I have hundreds of images at different sizes. This is so inefficient and timely to maintain.

I need a better solution. Ideally I would create one image of each product and resize it as needed on the different pages. The problem is the image size can vary dramatically from a large image to a small image. For example, an image featured on the home page might be 45K. However the lightbox zoom image might be 150K. Any ideas on what I can do. I’d hate to have visitors load large images on every page when a thumbnail sized image could be used.

Is my only choice to do 3-4 version of the same image? Ugh…

Thanks for any help and advice!


Can anyone help me? There has to be a better solution than saving 500+ images.


With retina displays you’d need large images on mobile devices anyway, so you could still use one big image sized for various breakpoints… If this is of any consolation to you…

Yeah, I need a more robust solution. :wink:

WF is working on a responsive img resizer. But the easy way to maintain an ecommerce site is with the cms.

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