Safari wrecks 32px favicon, any way to fix this?


My 32px favicon looks perfect in Chrome, but Safari disintegrates it, I tried to make the curves thicker, used different resampling when exporting from Photoshop, even tried to convert it to ICO, but still no good came out of it.

Chrome compared to Safari:



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Safari? Or is it Safari Developer preview, that’s also in Mojave Beta?

AFAIK Safari doesn’t yet supports Favicons. It’s suppose to come with Mojave and is already previewed in Safari Dev preview + nightly.

If I’m right, that’s one of the gazillion bugs Safari dev preview has—and Webflow can’t do nothing about it. As Favicon is a very expected feature, it should be fixed very soon.

Hi @vincent That is just a normal safari Version 11.1.2 (13605.3.8) in High Sierra.

I think what you mean is Safari supporting favicons in tabs, but the one I was referring to is not a tab but inside address bar.