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Safari on Mac using very much resources

Has anyone else noticed the huge CPU-usage and energy impact (more than 100%) when working in the Designer on a Mac with Safari? In activity monitor it says: Safari networking

I’m not using the beta canvas. Latest Mac OS High sierra (but noticed this before on Sierra as well) and latest Safari.

Even when typing this bug report in a different safari window, (while the designer is open in another one) I hear how my fans are spinning like crazy, sometimes spinning up, sometimes down

greets Tom

I did the test on Sierra: on Chrome the designer tops the CPU usage at 60%, on Safari it can go close to 90. I don’t suffer a system hog though, may depends on RAM too.

Why use Webflow Designer on Safari when it’s known it behaves better on Chrome?

Thx for your reply Vincent. I’m using Safari because: I normally like it a bit more than Chrome (f.i. with spell checking); plus because it is said the prevent some flex-problems, and because the Designer is supposed to be supported by Webflow.

I should have enough RAM: 24 GB

But I will try whether the designer works better in Chrome, maybe this may also be the cause of the troubles I have when correcting text in RTB’s …


Thanks for the answer, I was curious.

I’m one of those who “said” that. It’s actually one unique issue that I haven’t encountered recently. I have to check if it’s still true.

Webflow isn’t the only program that ends up eating resources in Safari. Some recent Adobe stuff is doing the same (LR CC), new version of Blurb book designer etc. So I wonder if the cause isn’t broader, like something related to React… but I shouldn’t say that, I’m not skilled enough to make such deductions.

One little advantage you’ll get with using Chrome for the Designer is you can get a Chrome extension that will add a color picker to your color panel.

Thx :slight_smile: Makes my day a little brighter :slight_smile:

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