Safari issue that I can't solve

I know Safari has some issues that can be resolved by designing in Safari itself. I did have a few issues I resolved this way but can’t seem to solve this one. Check out the leaves in the page. They render fine in Chrome, Firefox, etc. but not in Safari. Any ideas for me?

Hello @jmkriz,

It worked fine for me for Safari and Chrome. Check if you have the latest version of Safari or the most updated one.

Interesting. I have Safari 12.1.2 which I believe is the most recent.

In fact, if I go to, my computer totally freaks out and doesn’t do anything. Have to reboot. This is… concerning.

Hi @Pablo_Cortes, I also experienced that. My macbook totally froze, couldnt even force quit.

Yep. That was the issue I had, too. Couldn’t force quit anything. Had to reboot everything.

Hello @jmkriz and @new_work_city, that is weird, so it worked for me on safari and chrome, same design the leaves were there everything look the same on safari as it did on chrome. However, when i clicked out of the preview mode I had the same problem you guys had, everything froze. @jmkriz I think you should contact webflow for further support, they typically respond within 24 hrs. Hopefully they can help you further. Take care guys.

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Right on. Thanks for the confirmation and sorry for crashing your systems! Reaching out to support.

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