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Safari FlexBox woes

Hi there, I have a website which has a gallery using flexbox to center title text on hover. This all works fine on Chrome but of course on Safari it’s not playing ball. Before I resort back to the olde fashioned way of display:block, position absolute, etc… can anyone offer any tips/fixes to make this work better on Safari?
If you look at the published site: on Safari ,y
you will see the text sitting top right and not centering.
here is my webflow link

@Bammedia Which version of Safari are you testing? Is it 10 or 10.1?

There are a few Safari-related flexbox bugs listed here but we should be able to get around them…

Safari 10.1.1
Thanks for the link. I don’t see anything jumping out to me, but it’s a useful reference point at least.

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