Safari error message about 3rd party cookies in editor

My Safari using clients were having issues with this error message when trying to use the Editor:

“We’re having trouble with your browser’s cookies. Make sure your browser accepts third-party cookies.”

In Safari, however, even with the box to “Block All Cookies” unchecked, clients still get this message. The only forum posts I could find list solutions that relate to older versions of safari. The solution I found is to also uncheck the box in the Privacy Settings to “prevent cross-site tracking”
Then refresh the page.

Once unchecked this error message went away.

I would have posted to a relevant forum, but they were all locked so maybe an admin can place this solution in an appropriate place.

I hope this helps someone.


I have faced this error, this error can be fixed by reinstalling the browser, however, I am facing another issue, I am not able to reinstall the application in the MAC system, It says Mac Error code 43 which is not letting me install, any help regarding the error can be helpful.