Safari Content Blocker on iPad blocking Lotte, 3D Animation and Navbar

Safari on iPad seems to be blocking several things on my site, turning off content blockers is allowing all of them again. (no problems in chrome browser on the same ipad)

can anyone help me fix these problems without having to turn off content blockers?

1. This lottie animation is completely hidden (class .gp-lottie)

2. Navbar with radius variables animation on scroll becomes completely unclickable and doesn’t animate (class of the mobile navbar with animation: .mobile-navbar)

3. 3D rotation of the div .laptop-animate is also not working

here is a video of both the navbar radius animation and the 3d rotation of the mockup below it

videos taken from chrome inspector, not the ipad

Here is my public share link: LINK (one cant see animations here for some reason) so here is link to website: