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Safari Bug - Section Link Scroll Animation

Hi there :wave:

I have noticed some “jittery” behaviour in the Safari desktop browser with the default scrolling animation when using section links (# anchor links) to navigate around a one-page layout.

I discovered it working on my own site, however I have changed it to work around the bug.

You can see an example of the bug on another webflow project here:

Here is a video showing the bug:

Safari Bug - Jittery Scroll Animation

In Safari (desktop only / mobile works fine) when you click on the left hand circle navigation buttons, the fixed elements at the top of the page (top left logo and top right circle nav button) “jitter” or “bounce” as the scroll animation moves up and down the page.

Can someone else please verify this behaviour?

I have checked on multiple computers.

Thank you,


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It works well on Safari 12 for me. No jitter, smooth scroll, no issue with fixed elements.

Scroll with fixed elements is quite demanding on a computer and can be affected by its stength. But my Mac is fairly old (iMac 2013… has plenty of RAM though).

Interesting… thanks for checking Vincent.

I edited the above post to include a video of the “jittery” behaviour.

I’ve noticed it on two separate computers, both mid 2014 Macbook Pro’s with 8 / 16 GB of RAM respectively, so… I’m intrigued :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyone else experiencing this bug?

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