Safari and text cursor jumping to the end of the line

I’m working on my portfolio site and every now when I edit copy the text cursor jumps to the end of a sentence.

macOS 10.12.3
Safari 10.0.3

Anyone else have these problems?

Hi Andy,

Never had that problem here Mac OS 10.12.3 with Safari 10.0.3 also.

Can you take a screencast showing what’s happening? Also have you tried this in a fresh private window and with all (if you have any enabled) extensions disabled. Also have you tried in a brand new fresh Webflow site too just to ensure there’s nothing going on with the template that you’re working on?

Best wishes,


Hi Mark

I’ll try your suggestion in a new site and report back.


Hey @andybowden.

Is this still an issue?

Seems to be behaving itself now.

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