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Safari and Flex box issues?

Hello there,

I am working on this website for a client, and I managed to get the website steady on Chrome, Firefox and Edge ( I work on windows 10).

But the flex grid on which the 9 videos were sort of aimed to (3×3×3)
got totally wrong while looking at it on Safari, and I think it came from the Flex Box.
Basically the div containing the video were going max screen width instead of keeping their grid.

Now I have fixed the issued by adding a minimum and maximum pixel width to my divs.
But it gives a bit less flexibility overall on other and bigger screen resolution.

My question are:
Is Flex box causing issues with any web browser that is not up to date and in line with the latest technologies?
What are the limit of Flex box if certain browser are unable to recognized the parameters?


Please refer to the following up-to-date resources:

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