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Safari and Designer "Show/Hide Element Edges"

I’ve been using Safari in connection with Webflow and it was working fine but yesterday the ability to view the edges of elements and their class lists stopped working so the only way to know how elements are nested are in the Navigator. All works fine in Chrome.

Even if it should mostly work, Webflow designer is only supported to work with Chrome. So no answer on your particular Safari issue will be given here I’m afraid. You’ll have to use chrome to design with Webflow. Hosted and exported code however works for all browsers.

Is there anything preventing you to use Chrome for design?

I didn’t catch that about Chrome in the documentation.

No, there isn’t really anything preventing me from using Chrome other than personal preference and that since Yosemite release Chrome likes to “Oh Snap” randomly (I don’t have any extensions installed and Mac and Chrome are both up to date). Seems like some memory draw issue.

I have been struggling with the same issues (and other UI issues) all day yesterday and today. Indeed they only seem to exist in Safari, not in Chrome. Why all of a sudden that would be, beats me but… I have been happily designing with Safari for weeks now… until yesterday,

Hi Guys, we are working on a few bugs, one of them is this issue on the Show/Hide Element Edges. As soon as we have an update, we will inform. Sorry for the inconvenience. Dave

@cyberdave Seems the designer is all good in Safari now. Moving back over to using it because in Chrome when using the designer grabbing a class/structure level up or down is problematic so you have to click on the Hierarchy to grab an element. Not always a problem but sometimes.

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