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Safari 11 issues with design of form

Hello All,

I’ve been building a form page and for some reason on Safari the design is all squashed as you can see from the image below:

Here is my site Read-Only Link: Go to ‘Form’ page

There also seems to some height issues. Any browser height below 900px and I loose the next button at the bottom. For the height issue I assume I have done something wrong with regards to the structure so any help would be warmly received. But don’t have a clue about the IOS Safari issues.


Safari has Odd behavior if you position everything with position absolute with no defined height. Just set you Build Own - Grid to have min-height: 100vh and width: 100% (avoid width: 100vw) due to a chrome bug, stick with 100%.

Thanks @gilson, that worked a treat. Just in case anyone else has cross browser issues I must say I used and even using their free trial was very helpful so I’d recommend it. I have no affiliation to them, just thought I’d say.