Running into responsiveness problems with first website

Last week I began creating my first website on Webflow. I’m entirely new to the whole Webflow process so I guess I took a lot of shortcuts when designing, which has resulted in my website being relatively unresponsive. Now I’m having many problems while trying to make my website responsive for mobile, and things are acting how they should. I want to get your guys thoughts on how I should continue with this project, and whether I should just recreate the website from scratch, using more efficient methods.

Here is my site Read-Only: http://

Hey @LucaB7

Honestly, it doesn’t look too bad from my end. The fix is simple…you just need to go through each element one by one and make adjustments on the screen size that you see the error on. Remember, all elements inherit settings from their parents and the screen size above.

For instance, this heading has a width of 300px. If you removed it, the text would align nicely.

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Responsiveness doesn’t come easily, it takes work and a fundamental understanding of how divs/elements work.

I would suggest learning the client-first method by finsweet. It is a game changer for someone learning how to build in webflow.

Thanks, I really appreciate the help. There are a few sections on the website which I want to remove for the mobile app, including some of the resource and job boxes at the bottom. However, if I edit them at all or remove them, then it removes them from the desktop sites too which I don’t want. Is there an easy fix for this?


Just taking a look at this now and it already seems like it will help a lot in future projects, I’m thinking of recreating this website using this method.


In order to turn off a section on tablet and below, you simply click on the tablet view and click display none. Then it will display on the desktop but not on tablet and below.