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RTL / LTR changes (CSS Combinators)

Hi guys,

Is there a way to change/add/remove css when language or language direction changes?
I mean - when in English (LTR), a certain element floats to the left but when the site changes to a RTL language (Hebrew) the element floats to the right.


I just doubled css rules. When you create English element, called, say, “paragraph”, then you copy it to Hebrew version and create a new css rule for it before changes, say “paragraph-he”. Then you make all your RTL changes.
Good luck!

Tank you Ilan,
To apply this method I will have to duplicate all my content to an RTL section. Not an option in my case :confused:

generally speaking, to do this:

.btn { float: left; }
.rtl .btn { float: right; }

any idea? anyone? :weary:

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