RTE Element Expanding past Floating Elements

Hello everything,

First wanted to thank you for the help. I have CMS pages that I am trying to change out Paragraph elements with RTE so that I can bold some of the text. For some reason when I have a RTE and a floating element the RTE element will expand to the end of the floating element. It has the same exact styling as the Paragraph element, but no matter what I do I cannot get the RTE to not expand. Here is a read only link to the page I created to mimic the issue.

I think you need to change the approach for this layout, maybe a better way to do this is using flexbox.

How would you suggest that I go about that? The problem is if I do this, then when the elements I have floating currently end, the text wont expand. This is for a CMS page so the paragraph lengths vary a lot.

Floats and flexbox are not compatible between each other that’s why I suggest using flexbox instead of floats.

I am aware of that, reclick the link, you will see what I am talking about. The text wont expand when its past what I previously had floating. I would have to start another full width div. The problem is, it is a CMS page, the text varies a lot from page to page. Floating worked great with paragraph, I don understand why it wont work with RTE.