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RSS Readers. Embed HTML


I´m pretty frustrated today. =)
I have been looking for a RSS reader that I can get an HTML embed from which I can use on my webflow page. I can not found single one that does the easy for a non programmer like myself. I did found a blog post from Feedly where they made a n instruction how to add it but when I tried I discovered that they had removed the feature.

Anyone has tip or a tutorial? It is kind of funny that it is 2014 and RSS readers does not make that an easy task…

Hi there… Ok… probably a good idea for you, is to use a service that you can get an embed code for the rss feeds you want…

Try this:

I think this is going to be as basic as it gets, just follow the step by step instructions to create your feed widget, copy that code and paste into an html widget. There are other more sophisticated rss readers also out there… so don’t be frustrated :smile: you might have to try a couple until you find one you like…

Maybe this one I pasted above will help you though :smile:

Thank you @cyberdave. =)

Do you know any more rss readers? I have added the basic version of this but I think I have to pay after 30 days to use it.

Hi, well, that was just one I found that you could embed, but if you want another one, you can check via google search on “html embed rss”.

Another option is just to make one yourself, using jQuery (which comes loaded on webflow sites). Here is one I found that uses google api for rss feed and seems very easy to implement with a few code snippets pasted inside your custom code section:

Hope that helps, cheers :smile: