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RSS, Google Data Structure.. will be possible with CMS YEAY! How about RichPins?

Hey all you adorable Webflow creators and users. Do we have an awesome community or what? :wink:

I’m so excited and loving the CMS. Thanks guys :heart_eyes:

Now, I LOVE structure. So, I’m pleased that my sites will be easily RSSed and Structured for Google. However, I think it will also be easier now to prepare the site for Richpins without actually writing codes. Can anyone help me understand how one can add the Schema of Pinterest to the fields of the collections. Or if it’s not still possible, I hope you guys consider it in upcoming updates. It will make Webflow site so much neater and awesome-er :muscle:


Hi Anna :smiley: Agree with you, CMS is amazing.

About Pinterests Shema, you can try this option
That masonry grid built only by using CSS, pretty easy to understand. I didn’t checked it deep, but seems it works.


Hi Anna, I am new to WF and I don’t see how they CMS sites will be “easily RSSed”–can you point me on how we would get an RSS feed from a set of WF blog posts for external RSS readers? Thanks!

I’m actually talking about the Richpins codes that Pinterest collects from sites to display articles, recipes or products in a unique way. I was wondering if we will be able to generate those soon with Webflow.

Actually I didn’t try it yet, but since the CMS is structured in a way that it will be possible for RSS Feed generators like Feedity, for example, to generate a feed for us now. I’m sure Webflow will provide it soon. But still, it’s possible.

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Hi @melamour,

RSS feeds has just been launched for all CMS collections.