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RS232 via USB control

Hi, My intention is to design GUI to control my embedded electronic using Web page from (for instance) my Laptop. Are there any possibilities to interface serial communication port to send using bottom the text message and receive any answer also as string?

Hi @Lucas, you want to make this in Webflow correct? Maybe there is some script you can use from somewhere using custom code, but I would have no idea if you could get this to work. Javascript can be used in Webflow, but I am not sure if there is some javascript library for this, it sounds pretty specific, and I am not sure how it would work. Cheers, Dave

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your quick answer. That is an “old question” for me. My “dream” is to use the Web pages including buttons, plot etc to interface my embedded electronics. I’m applying string (command) interpreter to control applications. I’ve done already many tests with some local microserver as PIC and Raspberry PI. The Webflow shall be an excellent and quick tool to design needed pages to replace Dreamweaver. I’m sure that it could be possible also (I’ve just started yesterday) to add on the Webflow the Ajax or Python requests to the related OnClick events. But I’ve always a “stupid” question, why it is not possible to do it on the client side. When we open any Web Page, as example on my Laptop, I’ve access to its hardware and I’m able to launch print, move the courser using USB mouse etc. That why question is; why it is not possible to send or receive massage (string) via USB/Rs232 output using Web page as interface?

Hi @Lucas, thanks for the update, it sounds interesting :slight_smile: I cannot promise anything, but I will keep checking around on this. If you find a way to do this, let me know too :slight_smile: I am really not sure if it is possible or not, but I like to find these kinds of things out :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

Hi, To control Web and or windows application via RS232 we use the software BillRedirect from Billproduction company. A trial version is available to do your test and the company offer a good technical support. First you must install the software BillRedirect after to control Web Page directly you must install the Web Browswer plugin. With the Web Browser plugin is more direct but you can also without this plugin control the mouse, keyboard … You can with the mouse a click command simulate a click on certain place in a specific windows :wink:


@Steven41, thanks for the update, that sounds very interesting. Let me know if you get it working :slight_smile: