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Rows in Flexbox (even though Wrap Children is checked)

I’ve seen a prev post here about getting Flexbox to push content to the next row by checking ‘Wrap Children’ but although I have it checked, adding more content just pushes them into the same row. So I’ve probably made a mistake on something else – but I don’t know what to look for. I want to limit the items per row to 3 (two small and one bigger).


I have your site open, are you talking about the “top row with 3 boxes”?

Set “block 50” to 50% or (49% or less if you’re using margins) and make it so it doesn’t shrink.
Set other “Block 25” to 25% or ( 24 or less - again if you are using margins ) and set them to no shrink.

Now you will have a row if 3 items, and if you’re adding more block they will jump to next row.

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