Row is Wider than Container and Form is Overlapping my Footer

My contact page has a row wide than the container and a form that I can’t seem to adjust to the footer to prevent an overlap. Can someone help me see what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you!! Maria

Hello @mtdeniso123,

From what I see, it seems like form is too big for fit in to column even on desktop view. It will require some changes in row and columns height.


Thank you. It’s a standard customer form. So I just need to manually increase the height of that column, right? Any thoughts on the first part of my question about why the row is wider than the container? With or without a form.

I would suggest setting the height of that footer to ‘auto’ and then adding whatever padding you want at the bottom, this is generally the best way to do height as it’s flexible depending on what else you add.

With regards to the row being wider than the container, I think it’s just how columns within a container work - not 100% why but I believe it’s compensated for by the ‘-10’ on the margins, so won’t mess with your layout.

Thank you to both of you for your replies. Much appreciated!

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