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Row (Col) ratio trouble in view Phone Views

Hey guy,
This is the second time I can confirm this behavior.

In view C - D, Row are always at 50% / 50% ratio whatever I customize (9 for 3 in my case). It works perfectly in view A - B.

This is a disaster for me as my projects requires Row within Row.

Thank you!

Are you saying that in Laptop and Tablet media queries you can have customized grid widths, but in Phone media queries it defaults to 2 column grid? Yes, that is the way we designed it, but we’re realizing that you guys need more control.

We have to rethink the grid controls so it gives you the flexibility to do anything.

Thanks for the feedback!

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@thesergie not really … I still need to keep 2 column but they are stocked at 50% in C and D views.

I tried to trouble shoot this thing like this … As I really need to move on with my project, I tried to put my COL#1 at 100px but no luck with this too !

So now, I’M REALLY STOCKED !! All my rows in C D views are jamed at 50% width. It’s seriously compromise my habilty to deliver what I promised :frowning:

Again the problem here in D

So the question is : Any time frame to fix this thing ?
Thank you !

here you should say : but in Phone media queries it default at 50% whatever I decided to customized the ratio in A.

Devmtl, in these situations what I would do is replace your row/columns with two Div Blocks that have a Float and percent width to make the widths of your blocks super flexible.

Check out how i did this here:

The benefit of this is you can set your columns to pixel-widths or % widths instead of snapping to the grid.

Let me know if this helps!

TO EVERYONE @thesergie is the MAN !
Thank you you again !

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@thesergie I talk too fast on this one. As my row in Absolute, I can not put 25% manually :frowning:
It says : “use the setting …” and that’s what is not working in C D view.

Thank you !

You will have to create two div blocks instead of using columns and rows to do it this way. Check out the first link and click around to see what I did.

Does this answer your question?

Ahhh OK :slight_smile: I think it’s all I need to know ! To build complex lists, I think everyone should forget ROW and go all the way with DIV Blocks.

Thanks !