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Route not found: /preview/api/sites/wardle-academy/domains?preview=undefined


Working on a site last night all was going fine, woke up this morning to all my custom styles messed up. Tried to roll back to an earlier version and got the below error.

Route not found: /preview/api/sites/wardle-academy/domains?preview=undefined

Any ideas @Waldo @system

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I do experience the exact same issue when trying to restore from backup

I was having the same issue turned out it was a random “page trigger while scrolling” animation putted on a random DIV, that IDK why was causing this.

Is there a solution to this? I am also stuck at this… no work done is being saved!

I just got the same problem… don’t have any page triggers while scrolling. Any other solutions to this? The published version still looks correct but I can’t get back to a version in the designer that isn’t completely messed up… disaster!

Same problem here. Cannot preview any previous backups…

I have same problem :sweat:

Same problem here. Lost all the work i’ve done yesterday. Did anyone find a way to solve it? I’m afraid to work again on this project for nothing.
Have a great day.

I’ve had the same error I can’t open previous backups from all the work I did yesterday? I’m assuming this a glitch? I closed the project last night, however, I had an older version open in another tab, which I was unaware of and web flow continued back up ultimately overwriting previous backups,it will only open read-read only, on the project I closed last night.
Judging by the lack of response there isn’t a quick solution.
However, I can open a read-only version of the project. I then copied and pasted it section by section into the latest backup and deleted the rest. It doesn’t get all my backups back. but it does get one version of my work back.