Rotating element + mouse move in viewport animation clash

Hello to the webflow community!

First of all two disclaimers:

  • I’m quite new to webflow (I’ve started my first project less than a week ago
  • I’m not an english native speaker (but I manage :))

I’ve been browsing not stop this amazing forum and so far it (and you guys) have answered all my questions and fixed all of my problems!

But I must say that I’m a bit stuck on this one:

I’ve got little decorative elements (which I call “rosaces”) and quite a lot of animations and trigger applied to them:

  • Rotation on scroll up and down
  • Rotation on hover
  • Rotation when next or prev arrow pressed/tap
  • Slight mouse follow movement (mouse move in viewport animation)

I’ve got the strangest “bug” happening when browsing trough the project slider. Every one of these animations works perfectly on all slides BUT on the SHOUU project slide (only when the next arrow is pressed), the “rosaces” have an unwanted movement and same occurs when going to the previous slide (SURELY NUTS). Only these two projects are affected and the unwanted movement is also not the same…

I reckon it has to do with the mouse move in viewport animation, but I’m really not sure what to do to fix it…

Here’s a video that will be more self explanatory I guess:

Sateo - 15 April 2022 - Watch Video

Thank you so much in advance :raised_hands:

Here is my public share link: my site