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Root Domain Issues Detected - Are these the correct records?

Hey everyone, setting up an ecommerce website for a client that’s using a DNS provider I’ve never really heard of before and seems a bit outdated… “

I’m getting an “Issues Detected” message in the hosting section of the project on the Root Domain. I saw that having other A records can cause this issue, when I went to check if everything was set up properly I saw this…

Does this look setup properly to everyone?



You have to many A records pointing out to different places.

You only need 2 of them and the other ones like ftp and mail should not point to Webflow.

The www one should point only to the proxy server one.

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Thanks @aaronocampo, I thought that may be the case.

You wouldn’t be able to let me know the specific ones I need to keep could you?

I’ll need to contact to delete these you see as for some reason I’m unable to delete the specific ones.

Thanks again.

You only need the following:

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Awesome! Thanks for all your help, I’ll get on that now.

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