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Rookie - 1 Month, Clean Sheet to MultiPage Site - About to Go Live

I discovered Webflow on May 20th and began watching their tutorials. A month later here is my new website. Pretty excited by the changes in look and feel from the old site. I would welcome this esteemed community’s feedback and any suggestions. Here is the Allegro Project Site

FYI - This is a lead generation tool for my company. When a business owner is struggling with some aspect of their business they will first go to Google to search. Because of my SERP standings I am usually the number one organic choice presented to them . My goal is to (1) have them be pleased with where Google sent them, and (2) feel comfortable enough to call for a consult. How’d I do?


Wow, the new site is so much better than the old one, good job !! I have one trick/tip for you. Select your Nav links in the header, and add a transition style to your nav link as shown in the settings below. this will cause a nice smooth animation on the links instead of a jerky motion… try it and see if you like it…

But really, you have transformed your site, really great to see :smile:

Cheers !

Thanks Dave. Good suggestion