Roofing Company Website

Looking for your thoughts/opinions/suggestions on how I can improve the design and usability of our website (

Let me know what you guys think!


Hey Alex,

First- very straight forward and informative site. Good work!

I would improve these few things:

  1. Call to Action: Make them stand out a bit more. In the Hero section for example, you have many blue elements, and one of them is the CTA. The Yellowish Telephone number stands out much more…
  2. Refine buttons, menus and elements: Make everything a bit more gentle. (ex. Nav bar hover state, round corners, soft shadows)
  3. Interactions: Add some Page load and scroll into view interactions. Those make you site come alive!
  4. These sections:
    could be TABS in most pages, and will make everything faster and more approachable.

I did not yet check the Mobile version :sweat_smile:

Hope I could help