Rolling navigation issues and feedback

Hi Webflow friends,

We built a custom rotating nav on desktop with a full-screen mobile navigation experience. As you scroll DOWN you see the desktop promo blue nav and when you scroll UP you see the white main nav.

Reason for posting:

  1. Would love any feedback on how to improve or simplify the structure
  2. Would also appreciate feedback on some issues that seem like Webflow bugs. On a long shot they may be related to how the nav is built (but because they are browser specific it feels more buggy).

Read-only link: here

Published site: here

Issue #1:
The rolling nav works great in every browser except IE. In IE, it rolls white-to-blue once and sporadically back to white, but after a couple seconds of scrolling the page crashes. Additionally, in Chrome the button only picks up the hover state and becomes clickable if you hover over it just right. I suspect the Page Trigger looping and getting stuck or something?

Issue #2:
a) Android (Google Pixel 2) because of the above (I suspect), when I click any mobile link it highlights the top browser bar instead of the link itself.
b) Android (Google Pixel 2): the nav is really jumpy. When I scroll, the page scrolls behind it with the nav hovering 60px below or so until I stop scrolling at which point it jumps up top.
Anyone had anything similar happen on Android? iOS is great, no issues.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions/solutions!