RMS reservations system

Hi, has anyone used RMS reservation system before? I need to build an hotel website and integrate it with this system: https://www.rmsnorthamerica.com/
Not sure how to do it…
Any help would be much appreciated.

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What kind of integration is required. I don’t have any experience with RMS, but have used another system similar before. The simple option is just a booking button that brings the user to the other system. The complex option is using the api and building functions yourself.

Might need to get access to the system or talk to someone from their support to see what integrations are available.

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Hi Naama, did you figure this one out? We have a client that is interested in a hotel website. We may be able to suggest RMS,

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Hi @JonMassu.
I didn’t need it after all, but did receive their help here: Add RMS IBE to the Property Website — RMS Help Centre