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Rights Aligning Dropdown Content on Interaction

Hi There

Driving me a little nuts :slight_smile:

Please see screen shot and shared link. I’m trying to right align the dropdown content (Interaction) so it’s inline with the main site container. The area I’m trying to shift is in the pink dotted lines. Your help is appreciated as always.


Hi Saff,

If you go to your block “B - Dropdown Content” then, on the panel on the right, go to the section that says “position”. You’ll see a 4 directional input that has auto for all four of them. If you adjust the one on the right side to about 40px, this seems to fix the problem, although you might want to change to based on VW rather then px pending on how your container below is stretching, so it doesn’t start looking choppy on longer/shorter screens.

Hope that helps!