Right language alignment for the navbar

i’m new to webflow, traying to align my navbar to the right ( the logo being on the right) for right aligned language website.
it’s not working for me, I tried making the navbar container a flexbox justified to both ends, it kind of worked but the container is not stretching to the end of the section…
pls help me.
read only link attached

thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Firas4x4
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Hey @Maramcopty , is this the desired output you are looking for?

not at all still couldn’t do it right, I want the logo and the nav links to reach the border of the container they sit inside. they are behaving as if there was padding on the sides even though there isn’t

I am guessing you want something like this then?

exactly, can you tell me please how you did it?

Select your Brand element and in Flex Child options, select Grow if Possible. This will push your Brand Logo to the right edge while simultaneously pushing the Nav Menu to the left edge.

yeaaaaah right :), thank you very much for your help.

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