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Richtext and Youtube Video Privacy Mode

Hallo Toby

Es sieht so aus, als würde dieser Workaround auf Ihrer Seite nicht funktionieren.

Sie können den erweiterten Datenschutzmodus für die YouTube-Einbettungsvideos aktivieren, wie hier gezeigt:


Sorry I wrote it in German :slight_smile:


I use the rich text in a blog and also attach videos in this text. Now we need to enable privacy mode for these videos (GDPR / DSVGO ). Is this possible? And how?

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I think one option is to use a HTML embed element instead of the Video element. You can then set the correct embed link for your video inside the iframe source.

What do you mean exactly? Inside the richtext element?

The RTE now supports code embeds. look for the <> while in insertion mode.

Yes, as mentioned by @webdev.
See screenshot…

Where do you get this little popup with the icons on the right? I have created the richtext element as a CMS element and then pull the content from the CMS via the blog articles. :frowning:

Our support from Cookiehub said that I could solve it that way and that would be the easiest way:

The location may be Das Kinder-Koch-Mobil in der SWR-Landesschau - YouTube and in that case, you would need to change the location to: Das Kinder-Koch-Mobil in der SWR-Landesschau - YouTube

When you start a new line inside the rich text element you will see a plus icon, if you click it you will get the menu as per the previous screenshot.
Then you can add your ‘no-cookie’ URL inside an iframe.

OK. Yes i know what you mean.

Can I also activate the private mode for the Youtube video in the CMS like here:

If you need additional customisation then I would suggest using the iFrame Player API YouTube Embedded Players and Player Parameters.


can I define this HTML Embed Block in Designer so that it automatically has a margin bottom when I create an embed field in CMS?

Yes. That would take some custom CSS. Set a class on your RTF then add some CSS in a embed on the page (before the richtext block) or better yet in the head area on the template page.

In this example I gave my target rich text element a class of rtb. Webflow gives the DIV wrapper of a embed a class of w-embed so you can target this using;

.rtb .w-embed{
margin-bottom:  2em;

2em can be replaced with whatever you want the spacing to be.


OK. Everything is working now so far. But what I don’t like is that on the desktop display the distance is e.g. quite good and on the phone e.g. a bit too narrow.

I have given the distance value in percent. Can I somehow influence this for the individual breakpoints in a simple way?

Many greetings