Rich Text TikTok Embed not shown correctly in CMS List

Hello Webflow Community,

I have a small issue on one of my sites. I wanted to embed TikToks on my page and used the Rich Text Embed Feature for that (because when I used the Rich Text Code feature it hasn’t worked out properly). Now when I put those rich texts into a CMS list why ever they get cut off.

I made the list to have just 2 TikToks next to each other. This helps to let the TikToks not being cut of… But to make it look better it should be 3-4 next to each other… This setting sadly cuts the whole Embed into half.

Does some of you have experience in that topic? Could someone help me?

Thanks for your help upfront!

Read only link: Webflow - Virral

Example Site with this problem: Die erste Mall auf TikTok!

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