Rich Text Issue - Can't get of an indent :(

I am trying to clean up our blog but I’m having issues with rich text styling. On large screens the header font seems to be inheriting some kind of indent or padding and no matter what I try I can’t get rid of this.

Here is an example: Become a Positive Energizer - CodeGem

Hey there @stephx I can see why you’re facing this issue, can you please share the Read only link so that I can specifically let you know where exactly this is getting messed up and then provide a quick solution for the same?

Ps: This usually happens when the current rich text element has flex justify as center or any other property except for the ideal “left”. Or another possibility is the parent rich text element has the same issue.

How to share your Read Only Link


Thanks for the quick reply! The read only link is:

Hey @stephx Thank you for sharing the read me link of your project.
Now that I look at it closely, it seems that the issue has been fixed now. You can check again any of the blog post and find that the the indentation has been shifted to the correct “left” for all the headings.

Here’s a screenshot of proof and link for the same:
Blog post - codegem

Do let me know if the issue still persists or is there anything else that you require help in.