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Rich Text — internal links to headings

It doesn’t seem to be an option to create internal links to specific headings in Rich Text

Why there’s no tab Code like in WordPress? Why i can’t manipulate the html of Rich Text?


I have blog post format that starts with Table of Content like this:

Table of Content:

  1. Wordmark
  2. Letterform
  3. Emblem
  4. Pictorial Mark
  5. Abstract Mark

in which each item on the list is a link:


and it links to paragraphs that start with an H2 headline, just like this:

<h2 id="#wordmark">Wordmark<h>

Now, the problem is that there’s no option to do that in Rich Text in Webflow!

Do you guys have any solution?

Thank you,

Hi Arek, Welcome to the Webflow forum :webflow_heart:

You can do this by adding custom code to your rich text elements and add a div/text/heading with the desired ID.

I figured that, but I have 50 articles and about 10 headings for each, that makes 500 custom codes and a lot time wasted!

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