Rich Text in Multi Reference

Hi guys,

I am creating product pages and using multi reference fields for things like images and also a list of benefits. I wanted the benefits to have links in so chose to use Rich Text as the content type.

I can’t seem to be able to select the rich text field to pull the data into the multi reference though. I can see the name and also created a standard text test field and they both show so I’m assuming this just can’t be done?

If I can’t do it, I will just create a rich text field in the CMS and write them out inside there but quite liked the neatness of using them as reference fields.


@LukeSvarc so to be clear, you want to use a rich text field in a reference field? That should be easily done. You need to make sure you add a rich text field, not a regular text field. If you pick a text field etc, the RTE field won’t show up as an option.
Here’s an example of an RTE reference field on one of my sites.