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I’m facing a problem with Webflow.

I can’t add a rich text (that i want to use dynamic) in a div block.
The error message is " this elements can’t be nested inside of a link block".

In order that you can see the structure, here is a screenshot of the structure (the rich text has to be in the “text wrapper”, in blue :

Here is the preview link :

Actually, i have an other website where i have a rich text in a div block and it’s working well. You can see the structure below (rich text in blue) :

Here is the preview link of this website :

Thank you for your help.

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It’s because you’re trying to add the RT in a link block. And as you can add links in RT elements, Webflow will do anything to prevent you to have nested links (links inside links). That’s why you can’t. There is no workarounds. You have to think your structure differently. If you change your link block to a div, it will work.

Now looking at your design example, card design grid, I don’t have the feeling you need a RT here. Maybe only a Text field.

Ok thank you Vincent, i’m going to change my structure.


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