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Rich Text Hanging punctuation format issue

Using Persona Template: Punctuation with typed and/or pasted text into ‘paragraph’ of Rich Text places punctuation at beginning of last line as if outside of

. Have tried clearing formating, pasting from notepad…please help. apologize this question is coming from someone with limited coding background, but have searched forums/online resources and can not find answer. Thank you.

I had this question too. You can add custom CSS to your Webflow project. And there is custom CSS for hanging punctuation.

For example, this is useful CSS for hanging punctuation on a quote:

p {
  hanging-punctuation: first last;
  margin: .5rem;

Here’s another one for a blockquote:

blockquote p {
hanging-punctuation: first;

Just do a Google search for CSS hanging punctuation and you will find lots of examples.