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Rich text field not appear in the inner text selector


Here is my collection with a rich text field:'écran%202020-08-06%2019.04.35.png?dl=0

In the inner text, the field not appear:'écran%202020-08-06%2019.05.04.png?dl=0

When I add a plain text it works.

Is this a bug with Rich text or my fault?

@dominiquerottet make sure the element you’ve added to the page is a rich text element. A rich text field can only be linked to a rich text element. If you could share your read-only link, I could take a look at what’s going on.

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Thank you very much for your answer, you gave me the solution, it works! So simple, but I didn’t choose the right field. Thanks again!

ah, there we go then :slight_smile: . Yes, it’s one that’s easy to miss.

I wish you a good evening! :grinning: Kind regards

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