Rich text field in CMS only allows two headings?

Hi guys,

I’m working on updating my PET-project with CMS-functionality:

However, in cms-content inside a rich text field, somehow seems like only 2 headings are “allowed” inside that field. The other headings are pushed out the container (see the crazy white text below):

See here:
WF link:

@sergie, I’ve tried to change the “all paragraphs” settings to see if that had any result, but so far nothing. Plus, there’s no difference if the heading is a H1, H2, or H3. It seems to be always the third heading.

Guys, can you give some feedback here? @thesergie @callmevlad

Hi Diu,

I’m not able to reproduce this for H1s or H2s on your site, however I can see that you’ve styled All H3 Headings with position:absolute, which is what’s causing H3s in your blog to appear below the content like that.

If you go to a blog detail page and select one of the H3 headings at the bottom like so, then click to active that “When inside of” style selector, you’ll be able to override the All H3 Headings styles used on the front page and set All H3 Headings inside .post-body rich text elements to have position:relative

Note: the font-color is currently white but you can see the selection box around the H3 Element in the screenshots

Hope that helps! :candy:

The site’s looking really great btw! :grinning:

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omg, yes! I totally missed that. Please delete this topic instantaniously! :wink:
And thanks for the compliments, it’s going to be a shared template for the WF user community.

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