Rich text field in CMS not formatting as rich text field


I think this might be a possible bug.
One singular rich text field in my CMS is not behaving like a rich text field.
Even if i format the data in the field on the CMS in both designer and editor, it is showing up as a string of continuous text in the browser

Field on Webflow CMS:

Field in Browser:

Collection: Tests
Field Name: Test Summary
Read only link: Webflow - iMocha

Hi Upasana,

You have some javascript running on your page which is replacing the rich text content in your RTE. If I disable script, it presents find ( screenshot below ).

The console is showing a lot of script errors on the page, so my guess would be that something isn’t configured correctly, and scripts are failing as a result.

Fix those script & configuration errors and you should be fine.

Thank you @memetician

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ok so i tried removing all the scripts one at a time from our project but im still getting this issue
someone please help

On your published site for the page you indicated, you’re getting this error-

The first one looks like something misconfigured in Finsweet, possibly you’re referencing an element that doesn’t exist or are missing an attribute.

The second is irrelevant, my ad blocker most likely.

Third one is in your page code. You have a chunk of JSON+LD;


That script line is trying to process your JSON as JavaScript.
Change that <script> tag to-

<script type="application/ld+json">