Rich Text Element Problem

Hi I am trying to edit the design with the RTE, but because the Rich Text is now a text field unlike a div blog I can’t make changes. For reference, I am trying to add margin to the images nested within that rich text.

See link above.

Bonus Challenge: I have moved the relative position of my blog content holder up, but that how now left a huge gap at the bottom. Any ways to fix it.



You have already given your rich text component a class “rte”.

Now you select an image, then select “All Images”, then select “within class rte”. You will be able to style those images.

Use margin-top instead of top.

I can’t actually change anything within that element. Whenever, I deselect the article to pull the text from the CRM it goes back to the placeholder text, but I can’t even edit that.

I don’t understand this. Could you provide additional details?

You are using the RTB in a cms item? You have to create a RTB outside the cms. Give it the same class and edit it. :slight_smile:

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like @krubens said…you can’t edit the items in a rich text field while it is dynamic. You can uncheck it to make it non-dynamic and edit…and then re-check it to dynamic.

I have tried that and it goes back to the default text that shows up when you don’t have dynamic content.

While the content is unchecked, I try add a photo , so I can add margin whilst in that class, but it doesn’t allow me to add element despite being unchecked.


One thing I noticed is that in other examples the rich text element is a DIV, but now it is a text box.

hmmm that is weird.

when you have the default text displayed you should be able to add an image and then style it.

when in the rich text field with default text…did you click return to add a new line of text and then click the + to choose add image?

here is a step by step tut of what i am talking about: