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Rich text element - can't resize font

I have a rich text box that is pulling in blog articles from the CMS collection. I can alter any other part of the text, EXCEPT for the font-size. When I review the source HTML on the preview page, it’s showing the font-size on the blog-post class crossed out, and the inherited “p tag” is taking precedence, and I don’t see how to stop that from happening - or understand why the style is not overriding the rich text p element.

Of course the moment I post this - I figure it out. For anyone else that gets here. You should make a separate “style sheet” - the reason you can’t edit the text, is because it’s actively being pulled in. So you have to uncheck pulling the content from the collection, and then you can alter the styles within the rich text blog for that selector. A bit confusing - but just make a style guide.