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Rich Text Editor - How to set styles of different headers?

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I can’t seem to manage to change any Rich Text elements except the ones there (H2, H4 and paragraph).
I tried dropping elements into the rich text block but that doesn’t work.
I can’t seem to even change the type of header on the settings panel of the header,
Would really appreciate the help.


Here is my public share link:
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Can someone please help me with this? It’s causing me a lot of frustration…

Hi @yoramraz1, thanks for posting. Have you seen this article yet?

To style individual elements, first unbind the Rich Text element from the collection field. If you post a screenshot of where the Rich Text Editor is in your design, it will be a lot easier to find that quickly and check how it is setup :wink:

Thanks for that Dave. I unbound the rich text elemnt that in the collection template and now I can edit everything…
It would be good to add that to the help article you mentioned because I did watch it and it didn’t mention that (or I didn’t understand that).
G-d Bless

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