Rich text color not updating when publishing site

I am trying to update h2 and h4 rich text headings in the designer and I’m having issues figuring it out.

I’ve assigned the class and assigned the correct color which I can see in the designer, however when I publish the changes and view the live site, it doesn’t change the color.

This should be created as a specific tutorial since it’s quite confusing considering that in my designer view, everything looks right but not on the live site.

Here’s a video explaining / showing the issue:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - SnapAutos
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I’m getting orange in the published view, so you may have fixed it or found a workaround.

The typical thing that trips people up is layered styles. If you have an H2 that is orange, but you’ve also made it Bold, the bold styling will take precedence because the construction is <h2><strong>The title</strong></h2>.

This worked! Thank you so much!