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Rich text - CMS Article post - Interlign/height

Hello everyone,

Sorry, i’m getting started with the cms function.

I’m planning to create a collection list for a song per page.
I created a section with Rich text to place lyrics but i’m facing this problem.

When I try to copy paste the lyrics from notepad or word, I get an unwanted interlign height. So I try to style it in Designer, it doesn’t change anything.

Thanks for you help.

Here is my public share link:

Hello @nguwusic,

The line height/spacing you see is likely formatting carried over from the source you are copying/pasting from. I’d recommend clearing all the formatting and pasting a block of plain text. And then formatting inside the Rich Text Block.

Hope that helps.

Just fyi you can use ctrl+shift+v (or cmd+shift+v) to paste unformatted text into your reach text block.

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